Getting Your Message Out There

Getting your expertise into the marketplace should be a main factor in your marketing activities in these days of the connected world.  No matter how you think your clients get their information–referrals, research, past experiences–there is a common thread among their processes:  The want to see something from you that builds your reputation as a service provider.

Regardless of which type of messaging you choose to move forward with, there is a sequence that occurs that will help drive towards successful client engagement and booking new business.

3 steps to Success

  • Marketplace Messaging:  Simply put, getting your new “content” into the marketplace.  Content is proprietary knowledge or expertise that you have and wants to share with its existing and prospective clients.
  • Call to Action:  After getting the messaging into the marketplace’s hands, there has to be bi-directional opportunities for follow up.
    • Client Push:  The prospective and existing clients need somewhere to go.  In today’s social marketing centric business atmosphere, this is traditionally done with a website landing page that is associated with the content that has been pushed outward by Atlantic Management.  The landing page should not just be a recap of the content that was originally sent outward.  It should contain new information and a reward for visiting the website.  This can be done in many ways depending upon what your expertise is at Atlantic Management.
      • Landing page download of an article pertinent to the client’s business needs written by Atlantic Management.
      •  Downloadable tools or “ways to do something” from the angle of Atlantic Management’s expertise.
      • A PDF of a book or video of a speaking engagement.
    • Client Pull:  This is the more traditional way of following up from new content in the marketplace.  This is the phone call/email follow up process to try to connect with your clients and prospects and set up the traditional sales meetings.
  • Client Engagement:  The ultimate goal is to finalize the process by creating the opportunity to engage with your clients and prospects.  I recommend having at your ready, various ways to engage with these new and existing clients, offering your expertise and solutions for their businesses.

I want to give you a sense of the processes and needs that will go into determining the best course of action and the proper materials to develop for your desired outcomes.


Please click for a larger image.

The keys to successful content creation:

  1. Identify your clients’ and prospective clients pain points that you can expertly speak to solving and what their attention span is towards those points.
  2. Determine your mode of communication (Blog, Twitter, Newsletter, White Paper, etc.), the content and length of your communique
  3. Create your core messaging and a title for your materials
  4. Develop all the aspects of the problem within the pain points, gather facts and figures
  5. Solve for their pain points using a step by step approach and language that is in its simplest form–do not use jargon, or internal language to your firm
  6. Choose the best path of distribution and your call-to-action and any supporting needs for the call to action

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