About the Creative Buddha

For the past 20+ I have been in the workforce and have managed small and large teams.   Done sales, client delivery and ran operations.  For the past 10 years I have traveled the world working with clients who are trying to solve their biggest business problems of the moment. These problems range from organizational development issues, strategy development, marketing and new product development.  The basis of this work has always been focused on the people in the organization first.  Organizing around what makes them function at the highest level in terms of creativity, collaboration and problem solving.

I have worked with many global organizations, including non-profits, over my career, performing various training programs and designing and facilitating projects, including:

  • Colgate-Palmolive:  Leadership Training, Coaching and Mentoring, Product Claims
  • Verizon:  Consumer and Customer Insight Development and New Product Development
  • Coca-Cola:  Team and Creative Collaboration Training
  • Burger King:  Consumer Research, Naming and Positioning
  • Sara Lee:  Leadership Training, Business Strategy Development and New Product Development
  • Aurizon (Queensland Rail):  Leadership Training, Coaching and Mentoring, Organizational Change Management
  • Assurant Health:  Consumer Research and Insight Development, New Product/Services Development
  • Western Geco:  Organizational Change and Teamwork Development
  • The Barr Foundation:  Creativity Training
  • PMI:  New Product and Packaging Invention
  • Central Garden and Pet:  Consumer Research and Insight Development, New Product Development
  • Chevron:  Leadership Training, Creative Problem Solving Training
  • YMCA-Cambridge MA:  Strategy Invention
  • Mattel:  Creativity and Problem Solving Training
  • Sprint:  Consumer Research and New Product Development

Over my career I have become more and more interested in helping influence the behaviors of an organization.  Providing the skills, knowledge and coaching that helps individuals and teams behave so that they can function at the highest level.  What I was missing for a long time was understanding the why.  I needed answers.  Answers that would help me understand what motivates us to behave the way we do.

I found the best solution to my questions in the writings and teachings about Buddhism.  To be a Buddhist you do not have to necessarily change your religion, however I find at many times it is a religious experience of enlightenment when I truly begin to see life more clearly through the lens that it provides.  Buddhism is more a way of behaving.  A way of controlling what motivates each of us to behave the way we do.  It is a way to have clarity and insight into the lives that are so hectically rushing through our days.
I do not have all the answers.  What I do have is a perspective.  My own understanding as to why things happen and how to mediate the negative side effects that can occur when we are faced with stressful situations that can cause us to act and behave irrationally.  I am not a pure Buddhist by any means.  What I am is someone who takes great pleasure in reading about Buddhism and applying the teachings to every day occurrences so that we can learn how to avoid the negativity that can be a result when life does not always go as planned.
I hope you enjoy my perspectives and remember…
Live each moment as if it was the best possible thing happening at that moment.

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