Working with the Creative Buddha

For over 20 years I have been working with teams, departments, companies and organizations as a planner, designer, keynote speaker and host for on-site and offsite events.  If you are looking to truly impact behaviors and bring any size team together to “get-stuff-done” then please send me an email with the goals and objective of your meeting.

I typically work within three meeting types:

  1. Information Exchange:  When there is a need to deliver new/existing information to the audience with the expectation of a call to action.
  2. Strategic On/Off-Site:  When there is a need to activate a defined strategy across an organization.  This meeting is typically with groups of senior leaders (Directors, Vice Presidents, etc.) who are charged with rolling out a set strategy across the organization.
  3. Skills-Tools-Problem Solving:  When the organization is faced with a challenge or challenges to the business and a required all-hands approach to feeding the idea/concept funnel and pipeline.  This can be operational innovations or marketplace innovations.
Past speaking engagement experiences:
  • Raytheon:  200+ Scientists and engineers to work collaboratively on creating beginning concepts on new technology solutions.
  • Assurant Health:  150+ leaders across the organization to learn about the necessity of consumer/customer insight and research.  A pre-conference ethnographic assignment and facilitated expert panel of insight professionals from outside their marketplace.
  • Hill’s Pet Nutrition:  Designed and hosted the Marketing Excellence Offsite for 200+ marketing leaders from across the organization.  Provided keynote address, six breakout areas for skill and team building, a process for developing new product concepts and presentation of over 25 new product concepts.
  • Harvard Ed.D. Leadership Offsite:  8 hour Design Thinking Program
  • Suffolk University:  Center for Creative Leadership, various symposia topics.
  • Maine Center for Innovation:  Keynote on Creative Collaboration
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics Society:  Annual conference, keynote on Insightfulness
  • Meeting Professionals International Educational Institute:  Keynote on Innovation
Consulting and Facilitation:
How do you get people to invent a new possibility?
  1. Lead them through fascinating exploration of what if, what’s possible, and what do they wish for;
  2. Select what’s NEW and INTRIGUING;
  3. Develop the new and intriguing ideas so that they can be acted upon, and;
  4. Commit to an action plan of incubation and implementation.
If you need new ideas, creative, out-of-the box thinking for your operations, new product development or business strategy, Creative Buddha can lead your team through fun, interesting and engaging sessions so you walk away with several new concepts to meet your challenge, address the opportunity or complete the tasks at hand.Setting the group or team context is as important as the creating itself.  Individuals and teams carry a lot history with them to every meeting.   Our brains, minds, bodies all need loosening up. I make sure to build a comfortable environment so team members feel safe, secure, open to risk and open minded at its fullest extent. Bottom line to the success of an innovation facilitation is the team culture, thinking differently (not harder) about both the opportunity and the solutions being presented, and a process that can be followed and replicated.

When you are ready to move forward to create the new future, contact Creative Buddha to design and facilitate your creative problem solving session. I   expand your imagination to explore new realms of what’s possible.

Training (and culture-building) for Collaboration, Creativity and Creative Problem Solving:

Here’s how the Creative Buddha  transfers learning to enable new thinking to occur.

  • leverage behaviors and the motivations for those behaviors to promote self actualization and manage the expectations of others;
  • learn creativity and creative thinking skills through exercises and application to improve the ability to get to breakthrough outcomes;
  • apply the learning to real business problems, tasks and opportunities, and the identification and closure of gaps to implementation, and;
  • capture the learning through extensive video debriefing, learn from the learning, pass on the learning, improve the chances to assimilate the skills, knowledge and behaviors across the organization.

The results?  A core, common language for collaboration, creativity and a process for creative problem solving that can be applied to any situation and layered with any existing constructs such as Lean, Agile, Six Sigma, etc.  Win. Win. Win.

Please contact the Creative Buddha for more information on the training programs and customization for your training needs.

Project and Engagement Work:

Creating new futures goes more smoothly when people are aware of what they naturally do and use those strengths collaboratively to deliver  innovation. That’s why the Creative Buddha starts every project engagement by level setting the skills and behaviors of the group.  Team-building, engagement, communication, creativity and innovation are all positively influenced by knowing the human dynamics of problem solving and invention. the Creative Buddha wants to help you realize the team’s full potential and make best use of your human resources investment for any project.

the Creative Buddha’s project expertise includes:

  • Operational Excellence:
    • Strategic Alignment Labs
    • Business Planning
    • Business Strategy Activation
    • Strategic Account Planning
  • New Product/Service Invention:
    • Brand/Product/Marketing Road Mapping
    • Product Claims
    • Brand/Product Positioning
    • Product Naming
  • Consumer/Customer/Market Insight Development
    • Opportunity Planning and Preparation
    • Target Immersion
    • Insight Development
    • Concept Invention based on Opportunity Definition
    • Incubation of New Concept Invention
    • Implementation into the Marketplace

For more information on any of Creative Buddha’s expertise, please email Creative Buddha.

Or contact the Creative Buddha:


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